Dr. Deborah Fitzpatrick & Associates

We're not just psychotherapists. We can do more! Dr. Deb Fitzpatrick and other Psychologists on staff are all licensed as Registered Psychologists in the Province of Ontario. Their training is of the highest level (Doctor and Ph.D. designation in Clinical Psychology) of qualification to provide psychological consultation, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to a wide variety of groups including:

  • Adults, parents, and families
  • Preschoolers, children, adolescents
  • First Responder professionals, and their support staff associated with First Responder services, Military and Veteran

Psychological services include consultation, assessment, and treatment for:

  • Life and Workplace Stress
  • Anxiety experiences (including life stage change, panic, phobias, PTSD, habit change)
  • Depression, grief and bereavement, adjustment issues
  • Psycho-Educational Assessments and cognitive/intellectual assessments (English / French testing) for possible Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Giftedness, Developmental Delay, Autism
  • Individual Child Psychotherapy and Parental Guidance
  • Vocational Assessment (teens and adults) for Career Planning or change
  • Parental stress (not including custody and access work)
  • Insomnia
  • Personal Injury (individual psychological assessment for insurance or legal purposes, adjustment to accident-related medical conditions, Acquired Brain Injury, PTSD, stress management). We are licensed providers with HCAI.
  • Pain management (non-pharmacological)

Our Services


Individual Therapy and Counselling

Life/Work Stress Management

Psycho-Educational and Emotional Assessments (English / French Testing)

ADHD and Autism Assessments

Parental Guidance



Canamera Medical Centre

350 Conestoga Blvd, Unit B5, Cambridge ON  N1R 7L7


Coming in 2017

Waterloo satellite office.